Wine Tasting Game

Wine Tasting Game

Purpose of the game
The aim of the Wine Tasting Game is to define the different roles within the AEM-Cube® better understand. In addition, it also provides insight into the impact that strategic diversity and complementarity entail.

Why use this business game within your company?
Do you have a strategy session soon and do you need to end this in a fun way? Then check out the Human Insight Wine Tasting Game. This is a nice mix of insights about wine and strategic diversity. We show the overlap of wine production with organisational performance in combination with strategic diversity and links. Where does certain talent come into its own and which wine and food combination works and which does not? There are a lot of common ground between balancing a good wine and the talents within your organisation. Moreover, it is recommended to translate abstract strategy into practical follow-up steps. But who will then be responsible for which result area? A great experience that gives a strategic day a special conclusion that you will not soon forget.

The Wine Tasting Game is ideal for teams that encounter issues surrounding personality preferences, drives and team dynamics. This business game was developed to establish a link between these issues. This is done by linking the AEM-Cube results to different types of wine. In order to map out the similarities/preferences in a light, inspiring way.


Developers: Marcel van Raad/Sebastian Hamers
Participants: Minimum 1 group of 8-30. No maximum number of groups.
Price per group from: €1500,-/€2000,-
4 hours
Suited for:

  • Teams
  • Organisations
  • Personality Preferences
  • Motives
  • Team dynamics


Before the game, ensure:

  • AEM-Cube® profiles of all participants;
  • Time investment of approximately 4 hours.

Human Insight provides:

  • Game equipment;
  • Location;
  • Supervisor(s);
  • AEM-Cube profiles of the participants and team images.

What will you learn?

  • Insight into the different roles within a team or organisation;
  • The importance of different roles within a team or organisation;
  • The importance of cognitive and strategic diversity within a team or organisation.
Wine Tasting Game