RPA-Cube Certification Training

RPA-Cube Certification Training

1 day training + 1 day self study


With the RPA-Cube Certification Training you will be prepared to use this strategic assessment, which maps the result areas of a job profile on the basis of three dimensions. With the ability to make this transparent, organisations are enabled to get the most out of every individual, team and function.

RPA-Cube Certification Training

The RPA-Cube is the assessment that is specially designed to match talent to result areas and organisational strategy. As such, the RPA-Cube promotes a better understanding of the result areas of roles and teams to optimally execute the strategy. The blind spot and the gut feeling can become clear on the basis of this assessment.

Are you interested in getting started with the RPA-Cube? Then the RPA-Cube Certification Training is the place to start*. This training offers you everything you need to deploy the RPA-Cube to your customers/employees the next day.

Due to the corona crisis, we gladly leave the choice for an offline or an online session to the participants who register. An offline training will include a full day at a location in the Randstad where the RIVM guidelines will be guaranteed. When the training will be given online, it will be in 2 parts, with both sessions lasting approximately 3 hours.

The first part of the training will focus on the background, the theory and the concepts behind this strategic assessment. After this in-depth introduction, the rest of the focus is mainly on exercises and in-depth practical discussions. The second part is therefore about analysing data, giving feedback, formulating result areas and delving deeper into different business cases. Of course, all training materials are included, as well as a pilot project to be able to practice in practice.

After this training and your personal pilot project in practice, you provide feedback on your interpretations to us by means of a written report and a short (online) presentation. After we have discussed these and have jointly decided that you have mastered the concepts, you are officially certified and you receive your own RPA-Cube certificate.

*To participate in the RPA-Cube Certification Training you must already be AEM-Cube® certified. This can also be purchased as a combination package (AEM-Cube and RPA-Cube).


Duration: 1 day training, 1 day self study

Time: 09:00 until 17:00 o'clock (offline), 2 sessions of 3 hours (online)

Location: varies, see the event page for details

Language: English

Price: € 1,250.-* per person excl. VAT

**When offline including: coffee/tea, lunch, one RPA-Cube assessment (pilot project), training materials, additional session materials. 

**When online including: one RPA-Cube assessment (pilot project), training materials, additional session materials.