Training – AEM-Cube® Certification Training

AEM-Cube® Certification Training

AEM-Cube Certification Training

1,5 day training + 1 day self-study


Are you interested in getting started with the AEM-Cube? Then the AEM-Cube Certification Training is the place to start. The online Human Insight Academy has been developed for international coaches and consultants.

After the training days, where theory and practice are discussed in depth, you will complete your personal practice case. After successful feedback from the pilot project, you are AEM-Cube certified and we welcome you to our international network. We organise inspiring Practitioner Workshops for all certified practitioners twice a year.

Human Insight Academy

Our latest development is the Human Insight online Academy. For international professionals there is the possibility to follow the AEM-Cube certification program online and to become a certified AEM-Cube practitioner through their own learning program.

The online training consists of 14 lessons. In addition, all business cases, articles, scripts and support materials have been added to the online modules.

Price: € 1,750.-* excl. VAT

*Includes: pilot case assessments, training materials, additional session materials, multiple articles, AEM-Cube workbook and AEM-Cube certificate.