Training – ACT-Cube® Certification Training

ACT-Cube® Certification Training

ACT-Cube Certification Training

1,5 day training + 1 day self-study
± 25 hours


The ACT-Cube (Attachment, Consistency, Time) is specially designed to visualise and measure the organisational culture and value chains. This enables organisations to deliver sustainable performance and better execute their strategic objectives.

Are you interested in getting started with the ACT-Cube? Then the ACT-Cube Certification Training* is the place to start. This training offers everything you need to get started with the ACT-Cube the next day.

The ACT-Cube is a powerful tool that shows at a glance how the different business units within an organisation work together, how they contribute to the overall value chain and how healthy the organisational culture (also known as the organisation’s ecosystem) is. In this way, the ACT-Cube provides practical tools to enable organisations to perform better, deliver more sustainable results and visualise and address potential risks before they damage the organisation.

Unique in the way in which the total value chain and culture of an organisation can be mapped in one go, the ACT-Cube as a leading indicator of organisational performance and sustainability creates value for organisations of all sizes.

*To participate in the ACT-Cube Certification Training you must already be AEM-Cube® certified. This can also be purchased as a combination package (AEM-Cube and ACT-Cube).


Target audience: This training is suitable for anyone who is or wants to become AEM-Cube certified and who deals with complex issues in organisations, such as performance, strategy execution, change management and culture.

Duration: 1.5 day training, 1 day self-study

Time: may vary, see available training days

Location: may vary, see available training days

Language: English

Price: € 1,250.-** per person excl. VAT

**When offline including: coffee/tea, lunch, pilot case assessments, training materials, additional session materials.

**When online including: pilot case assessments, training materials, additional session materials.