Unlocking the growth potential of individuals, teams and organisations


AEM-Cube®: natural strategic diversity

The AEM-Cube is a globally implemented assessment tool that helps individuals and teams to achieve their strategic goals by mapping individuals' natural contributions to growth and change. It gives insight into the optimal contribution of an individual or team to performance. The AEM-Cube also measures and predicts the dynamics in a team or organisation by visualising their cognitive and strategic diversity. This valuable information can help to enable sustainable growth and performance.

ACT-Cube®: sustainable value chains

The ACT-Cube offers a variation on the AEM-Cube by zooming out further. Whereas the starting point of the AEM-Cube is the individual, the ACT-Cube analyses the dynamics between teams, business units or departments. It shows how a group of people contribute to growth and change in an organisation, where the groups strategic focus lies, and how consistently it acts to deliver performance.

Qi Index: culture and psychological safety

The Qi Index is developed by David Lewis (London Business School) and Alison Reynolds (Ashridge Executive Education) to make organisations more able to adapt to change successfully. Their research found that the quality of interaction in a team or organisation is vital in delivering its strategy. The Qi Index analyses an organisational culture by measuring the perceived cognitive diversity and psychological safety in the current and desired environment. It helps organisations to gain more value from future threats and opportunities.

RPA-Cube: the right result areas for the right roles

The RPA-Cube is a variant of the AEM-Cube and maps the result areas of a role. It is used to tackle questions around recruitment, promotions and staff turnover. It can also help to describe new or existing role optimally. The RPA-Cube offers insights for HR and management to optimise strategic staff planning, possible causes of burn-outs, more effective promotions of employees and efficient recruitment and selection processes. 


Growth-Curve: the relay race of progress

The Growth-Curve gives insight into the growth phase an organisation, product or service is in at a given time. Every phase in the Growth-Curve from exploration to optimisation offers different advantages and challenges. By facilitating the right cognitive and strategic diversity in your team or organisation, you are able to take the next step on the Growth-Curve with confidence. The tool offers a better understanding of organisations as living ecosystems, because it is based on the natural cycle of birth, through maturity to renewal. The Growth-Curve is used to start a dialogue in organisations on connecting people to strategy.