Solutions to strategic challenges

Looking for solutions to strategic challenges for yourself, your team or organisation?
In a rapidly changing society it is important to deal flexibly and decisively with changes.
Easier said than done. We are increasingly faced with strategic challenges.
We are happy to help you find suitable solutions for these challenges.
To be successful, you have to keep growing.



These are the tools that can help with your strategic challenges. Click on a tool for more information.


These are the solutions that can help with your strategic challenges. Click on a theme for more information.


What makes our view of solutions for strategic challenges unique?

Human Insight's tools and solutions help organisations to optimally align talent and strategy to guide organisational growth in the right direction. Our tools focus on mapping where people optimally align in executing strategy and contribute to growth. We specifically look at various components such as strategic and cognitive diversity within organisations. The data that our tools provide gives real-time insight into what is happening at different layers within the organisation. These different layers are: 

  1. Organisational level (cultural aspects and organisational structures);
  2. Business unit level (collaborative force within and between business units covering the value chain);
  3. Team level;
  4. Individual level.

Renowned international business schools

Our tools are used by renowned international business schools such as London Business School, Nyenrode Business University and Purdue University. In collaboration with these business schools, we have developed many best practices to provide organisations, management teams, entrepreneurs, managers and employees with tools that benefit the organisation and team performance. These best practices, in combination with our tools, help people to reflect on their performance, provide feedback to colleagues and map team dynamics. Our tools, in combination with working methods, are particularly powerful material for developing people.

Why are the Human Insight tools and solutions so unique?

Our tools and solutions are unique in that it links the natural contribution of people to the strategy of an organisation. Other psychometric tests mainly look at how people communicate with each other or how certain behaviour is expressed, but this says nothing about performance. With our tools, we can make a direct link to the performance of people, teams and the organisation as a whole. 

Strategic insights for the benefit of the organisation and team performance

Every organisation grows and to guide this growth in the right direction you need the right people to manage it. With our tools, we offer you and the people within your company the handles to give substance to the most important asset of your company in a scientific way: the right people in the right place.