Semco Style Experience Game

Semco Style Experience Game

Purpose of the game
The aim of the Semco Style Experience Game is to experience working in different organisational forms and structures. And what this does to a person and group dynamics. In addition, also what impact this has on leadership and the roles people assume.

Why use this business game within your company?
Do you want to experiment with your organisation with more self-management? This business game offers insight into the possibilities of self-management within your organisation and how that works. The advantages and disadvantages of self-management are also discussed. In addition, attention is paid to how a management team deals with “giving away control”. Ideal for companies interested in self-management. And, moreover, being able to immediately learn from the potential challenges that this will entail.

The Semco Style Experience Game is ideal for organisations that encounter issues surrounding behavioural patterns, collaboration and also customer focus. This business game was developed by Semco Style Institute, known for the ideas of Ricardo Semler. To provide insight into why people in a certain role suddenly start to display different behaviour. An organisation in which everyone is busy with themselves, the customer has been forgotten and, in addition, collaborations do not go well, is that recognisable? Experience what it does to you when you step into the shoes of the customer, employee or director.


Developer: Semco Style Institute
Participants: Group(s) of 30-70 people.
Price per group from: €4500,-
5 hours
Suited for:

  • Organisations
  • Behavioural patterns
  • Collaboration
  • Customer focus


Before the game, ensure:

  • Group(s) of 30-70 people;
  • Space (size depending on number of participants);
  • Time investment of approximately 5 hours.

Human Insight provides:

  • Supervisor(s);
  • Game equipment.

What will you learn?

  • Insight into behavioural patterns;
  • Building smooth cooperation and customer focus and why that is so difficult;
  • How organisations work;
  • More understanding of other roles within organisations and what the world looks like from that perspective;
  • Tips and insights to organise differently and better based on theory and practice;
  • Tools to start to change your own organisation and energy.
Semco Style Experience Game
Semco Style Experience Game
Semco Style Experience Game
Semco Style Experience Game
Semco Style Experience Game