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Richard Robertson

With my background in Social and Organizational Psychology and Economic & Consumer Psychology including an honours programme in leadership, I have always been interested in how people, teams and organizations function and can achieve optimal results together. 

After a double internship, first at Change Logic, a change leadership consulting company in Boston, U.S., and then an internship as a trainer and supervisor at Leiden University, I started working as a programme manager at Nyenrode Business University. 

Although this was an exceptionally inspiring time, the entrepreneurial life began to pall and my partner Sebastian Hamers and I set up our company Forward Focus to concentrate on coaching and guiding young professionals and start-ups. We got more involved with Human Inside to help develop and deliver joint products and trainings because we frequently used the AEM-Cube® and other concepts. This collaboration grew into a merger of both companies, after which I became Partner at Human Insight. 

Within Human Insight I am involved with everything that has to do with content and product development, from writing texts to the development of trainings and e-learning modules. In addition, I am active as a speaker on strategic diversity and organisational ecology and as a trainer in Executive Presence.

Most of my time I invest with great pleasure in our business and in the development and enrichment of the concepts. In addition, I can be found mostly on the golf course, in the cinema or in a good restaurant with friends and family.