Quality of Interaction Game

Quality of Interaction Game

Purpose of the game
The purpose of the Quality of Interaction Game is to map certain behaviours and also routines within a team or organisation. To then determine whether these performances are in the way or need improvement.

Why use this business game within your company?
Culture within a company is often influenced by people's behaviour. First, the Quality of Interaction Game analyses the state of an organisation. This is done on the basis of the Qi Index questionnaire that employees complete. In addition, it analyses the emotions that people experience in the workplace. Finally, it analyses the behaviour shown within the organisation. Moreover, these elements provide insight into the cognitive diversity and also into the psychological safety of an organisation. The results are then used as input for the business game. Namely to guide a team in the desired behavioural change.

The Quality of Interaction Game is ideal for teams facing a change process. Also for teams that feel that they can get more out of the organisation. Based on this business game, a team or organisation then gains insight into where it can develop. In addition, a team also gains insight into where the bottlenecks lie and a team gains insight into why these bottlenecks exist.


Developer: Nicolas Smoolenaars
Participants: Minimum of 1 group of 5-12 people.
Price per group from: €1500,-
4 hours
Suited for:

  • Teams
  • Management teams
  • Project teams


Before the game, ensure:

  • Quality of Interaction questionnaire (current environmental analysis);
  • Quality of Interaction management report;
  • Miro online software;
  • Quality of Interaction training package (materials for guidance);
  • Beamer;
  • Inspiring location to work in (with an offline session).

Human Insight provides:

  • Supervisor(s);
  • Quality of Interaction data.

What will you learn?

  • Insight into system dynamics and also team dynamics;
  • Consensus in team about the areas for improvement;
  • Insight into strategic objectives of the organisation;
  • Desired behaviour of employees to get there.
Quality of Interaction Game
Quality of Interaction Game
Quality of Interaction Game
Quality of Interaction Game
Quality of Interaction Game