Human Insight Netherlands

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Nicolas Smoolenaars

Imagine that we can use our full human potential effortlessly every day.. What would that look like?

I have been on a journey for 19 years to answer this question. During this trip I have gained many experiences in removing obstacles and reinforcing behaviour and routines through which every individual can utilise his/her potential. I have done this in many different roles, Operational Management, Change Management, Sales / Marketing Manager, (Agile) Coach and Consultant, in various branches such as IT, Communication, Care, Government, Retail, Banking and Utility, Government and Care.

The last 6 years I have specialised in transforming teams and organisations into meaningful work environments. In this time I was able to realise more self-governance and autonomy for several originations. The pinnacle of this wonderful journey was reached when we were able to transform a complete traditional company into a self-governing environment where the employees are in complete control of the entire decision-making process.

This way of working has had a profound and very positive impact on the lives of my coworkers and myself. It’s my drive to create a movement where we can increase happiness and fulfilment at the workplace.