Mission-Driven Priorities Game

Mission-Driven Priorities Game

Purpose of the game
The purpose of the Mission-Driven Priorities Game is to translate strategy into operation.

Why use this business game within your company?
From strategy to operation is often a difficult job. But there are handy tools that can help you get started from idea to implementation. We call this Mission-Driven Priorities (MDP). A process in which you are guided step by step in concretising strategic themes towards operation. To then make the move towards who does what within the organisation. Organisations use strategic sessions to steer the organisation. And also to think about performance. In addition, to see whether the organisation is implementing its drawn up plans. And this is where MDP finds its unique optimal place. MDP also facilitates group discussions based on the visions and strategy expressed. And also makes it measurable and quantifiable for the employees of the organisation.

The Mission-Driven Priorities Game is a business game specially developed to translate strategic issues into operations. This is one of the gaps that many management teams encounter. How do we translate strategic issues into operations? How do we then involve our people in this? And what impact do the strategic choices also have on business operations? In other words, the MDP process is particularly good at testing assumptions. In addition, also in 'calculating' from strategy to result areas. Result areas that are then assigned to the responsible teams and departments.


Developer: Human Insight
Participants: Minimum of 1 group of 5-12 people.
Price per group from: On request
16 hours
Suited for:

  • Teams
  • Management teams
  • Project teams


Before the game, ensure:

  • Flipcharts or whiteboard;
  • Beamer.

Human Insight provides:

  • Game equipment;
  • Supervisor(s).

What will you learn?

  • Insight into strategic impact on business;
  • Map organisational possibilities and talents to be successful;
  • An impact measurement of strategy on business operations, managers and teams.
Mission-Driven Priorities Game
Mission-Driven Priorities Game
Mission-Driven Priorities Game
Mission-Driven Priorities Game
Mission-Driven Priorities Game