Miracle Cure Game

Miracle Cure Game

Purpose of the game
The purpose of the Miracle Cure Game is to uncover collaboration challenges. To then find suitable solutions for this. You do this by working together in groups to find a solution to prevent a fictitious pandemic.

Why use this business game within your company?
Because working with others brings all kinds of challenges. Elements such as team dynamics, different talents, different behaviours and also certain routines play an important role in collaboration. This business game helps uncover bottlenecks within teams. To then offer tools to resolve these bottlenecks. You also gain insight into how you can learn from each other. In addition, you will also gain insight into how to become a better team player.

The Miracle Cure Game is ideal for teams that encounter issues surrounding team building and team dynamics. This business game has therefore been specially developed by Human Insight to experience the different phases of the Growth-Curve in a natural way. In addition, the natural contributions of participants are also reflected. This then provides insights within a team. At the end of the business game there is a reflection in which the team dynamics as well as the individual contributions are discussed.


Developer: Human Insight
Participants: Group(s) of 10-12 people. Unlimited number of groups.
Price per group from: €1500,-
4 hours
Suited for:

  • Teams
  • Team building
  • Mapping team dynamics
  • Optimise communication
  • Insight into strategic diversity


Before the game, ensure:

  • AEM-Cube® profiles of all participants;
  • Group(s) of 10-12 people;
  • Space of 4×4 meters per group (size depends on the number of participating groups);
  • And 6 chairs per group;
  • Time investment of at least 4 hours.

Human Insight provides:

  • Supervisor(s);
  • Game equipment;
  • AEM-Cube profils of all participants;
  • AEM-Cube team images.

What will you learn?

  • Team dynamics;
  • Persuasion and leadership;
  • Project management;
  • Stress resistance/dealing with time pressure;
  • Team building (high-energy);
  • Supervising feedback and iteration processes;
  • Communication styles;
  • The course of the Growth-Curve;
  • Insight into strategic diversity.
Miracle Cure Game
Miracle Cure Game
Miracle Cure Game
Miracle Cure Game
Miracle Cure Game