The framework of organisational ecology: every organisation is a living ecosystem

We visualise the cycle of an organisation in the Growth-Curve. Each stage in the Growth-Curve from exploration to optimisation brings different benefits and challenges. By using the right strategic and cognitive diversity in your team and organisation, you can take the next step on the Growth-Curve.

The Five Phases of the Growth-Curve

How do you deal with growing pains in your organisation?

Based on the ecological thinking of the Growth-Curve model, we at Human Insight generate the insights to be agile and resilient in a rapidly changing world.

We focus on the human component for this, because: how do you use the potential of people to help your organisation grow and change? For example, through our AEM-CubeĀ®, which maps out the strategic diversity in teams and organisations in addition to individual strengths, talents and motivations.

In addition, we can also look at intangible aspects, such as organisational culture and psychological safety, by means of the Quality of Interaction (Qi) Index. In this way you unlock the growth potential of people and you can effectively link it to strategy and sustainable growth.

The strategic diversity within a department visualised on the ground plane of the AEM-Cube