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IT-platform blog 2

Good customer service and project management are central to Human Insight. Our account and project managers do their utmost to provide our partners with all necessary support. Despite the fact that they like to do this, in recent years we have increasingly heard the desire of partners to carry out more of these tasks themselves where possible. This makes running projects faster, more direct and more efficient for partners and creates more room for customer service from our account managers. This is therefore one of our basic principles for the new IT platform.

The new IT platform offers our partners the opportunity to organise and manage all projects from start to finish. They can invite participants themselves, send and keep e-mails and reminders, assign reports (including the desired content and colours of pillars), etc. Our UX designers and developers work hard on the user-friendliness of the IT platform, because with this extensive functionality and user interface it will take some getting used to. In addition, we are developing an instruction program with which we will personally guide our partners in order to master the system as quickly as possible.

We are convinced that the new additions make a world of difference in the efficiency and quality with which our partners set up projects. If a partner still wants help with something, we are of course always ready to help!

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