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Filip Fiers

In 1991 I graduated as a Marketeer at the Hogeschool Gent and started working at ING bank.

As office director I learned at a young age what it is like to motivate and manage teams. This passion for people and continuous learning brought me to the Human Resources department in 1999. Since then I have continued to specialise further in supporting individuals and teams to grow further. After having held various HR positions in various companies, I decided to continue working as an independent coach in 2008.


Since 2008 I have been active as a coach in the business world and I have supervised managers and teams in many different sectors such as banking, insurance, construction, energy, FMCG, production, industry, retail, distribution, and more.


Over the past 10 years I have specialised as a coach in two areas:

·       Executive coaching: the 1-to-1 guidance of managers in companies, with the main objective to further shape their leadership in a successful way

·       Team coaching: guiding teams in companies, with the focus on creating a culture of openness, cooperation, goal orientation, flexibility and self-management.


As a coach I find it important to be able to rely on professional validated tooling in addition to your own experience and professional knowledge. Human Insight is an open and dynamic organisation that offers these tools, as well as the opportunity to build on them.


In addition to my passion for people, music is very important to me. Whether this is classical music or metal, I listen to everything. I also express my love for music in sports. In particular I enjoy swimming and cycling.