Commuter Game

Commuter Game

Commuter Game

Goal of the game
The objective of the Commuter Game is to find a joint solution with a group around a complex problem. This is only possible through good cooperation and in many cases turns out to be more difficult than many people think.

Why use this business game within your company?
Solving a difficult problem and managing the associated dynamics? This business game is simple in its simplicity, but puts the finger on the sore spot. The various roles that we assume as individuals and group behaviour also play an important role in this. Who takes the lead? Who guides the right steps in the experimental phase? And who analyses where the problem occurs and where possible the solution? This business game exposes thinking patterns, group behaviour and also hierarchy within a team. Is the manager automatically the person with the solution? Or will the problem only be solved if everyone participates and gives their opinion? Ideal to experience the impact of group behaviour, human routines and finally diversity on each other.

The Commuter Game is ideal for teams that encounter issues related to team building, team performance and also psychological safety. This business game has been developed to provide insight into team dynamics and performance when teams have to perform a joint task under pressure. The business game offers an interesting look into the natural contributions and subsequently into the behaviour of different team members. Namely when they have to achieve a common goal. The group is divided and arranged on either side of the room. They must work together to get to the other side while respecting three rules. How do you achieve your goal together under pressure and on time?


Developer: David Lewis
Participants: Group(s) of 10-14 people. Unlimited number of groups.
Price per group from: €1,500.-
4 hours
Suitable for:

  • Teams
  • Team building
  • Team performance
  • Psychological safety


Before the game, make sure to:

  • Group(s) of 10-14 people;
  • Room (size depends on number of participants);
  • Time investment of about 4 hours.

Human Insight ensures:

  • Supervisor(s);
  • Game material.

What are you learning?

  • Collaborate through communication;
  • Insight into team dynamics and also performance;
  • Strategic diversity;
  • Leadership Styles;
  • Importance of psychological safety.
Commuter Game
Commuter Game
Commuter Game
Commuter Game
Commuter Game