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Our international network

A comprehensive overview of our active certified partners worldwide and all regions where Human Insight tooling is deployed.

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What does it get you?

There are a number of benefits we offer our business partners when they join the Human Insight Community. These include:

  • Network of Practitioners
  • Certification training:
    • AEM-Cube®
    • ACT-Cube®
    • Qi Index
    • RPA-Cube
  • Using strategic assessments around the topics of:
    • Cultural development
    • Innovation management approaches
    • Team performance
    • Strategic Diversity
    • Psychological safety
  • Turnkey services that help you create powerful engagements and coaching, team and strategic sessions
  • Access to practice-oriented research and best practices
  • Wisdom of the crowd
  • Access to hands-on workshops and online webinars
  • Use of Human Insight Academy and Assessment platform

How do I become a business partner?

Are you interested in becoming a business partner of Human Insight?
We have a wide range of options that directly meet your needs. While we make a distinction between the types of partnerships we offer, we are always happy to get in touch with you.

Business Partnership Process
As with anything, it’s always good to get to know each other. That is why we have a thorough intake process and we spend time getting to know you as a potential partner. This process includes an intake interview with two of our team members who want to learn more about you, your background and why you are interested in our service offering. If there is a match, we will look at the type of partnership that suits you best, the type of products and services you are interested in and of course what specific business solutions we can develop together.

Basically, the process includes the following:

  • Intake interview with two Human Insight team members;
  • Discussion on Human Insight services and solutions;
  • Dialogue on business partnership options based on intake, network and ambition;
  • The signing of a partnership agreement;
  • Continue development and start a partnership journey to become a Human Insight Business partner.

Solutions, tools and consulting
We understand that you may have a very different background than our existing partners, which is why we offer and develop different services with different partners. Human Insight has a range of offerings to choose from that help our network engage and develop their customer base and product offerings. As a Human Insight Business Partner, we expect you to develop customer success stories, create best practices and share your wisdom with the Human Insight network.

2500+ certified practitioners have completed Human Insight training and have continued to develop specific solutions based on our insights tailored to their audience. Building a solid consulting and coaching business.