Achieving strategic objectives, successfully navigating
change and creating sustainable value in the long term


How do we help you with issues about growth, change, team dynamics, team building and other strategic challenges?

We are committed to researching, creating, developing and also distributing strategic tools & solutions, training & masterclasses, events, business games and interactive workshops. Together with an active network of consultants, coaches, teachers and researchers, we help professionals and organisations worldwide. We do this by helping them achieve their strategic objectives. In addition, we help to successfully navigate changes. And also in creating sustainable value in the long term.

We believe that the health and success of organisations is determined by the people who work there.
In this way, we focus on providing insight into the valuable contribution of individuals and their unique perspectives. As a result, you put the right people in the right place.

We connect people and strategy.
Because we link the individual contributions and perspectives to the context of an organisation, we can then coordinate a suitable development process for each issue. With which organisations can optimally use the acquired insights in practice.
We are rooted in science.
Our foundations in organisational ecology, ethology, psychology and cybernetics underpin our validated tools and working methods. This gives you confidence in a rapidly changing world.
Practitioner Workshop Leadership
human insight

We are proud and happy to work with the following organisations and business schools:​

“At Raisa Energy, one of our goals was to create a company and culture where cognitive diversity could flourish and become a competitive advantage. Human Insight enabled us to visualise and quantify how well we had achieved these goals and improved. understand how to improve and use the team we had built. Both Richard and Sebastian mixed practice and theory to help all our team members understand insights that we could then build on ourselves. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with the Human Insight team to keep building."

What Human Insight is known for: